Why Choose Us?


We are a PPC agency based in London, specialising in assisting businesses that require web marketing and increased online presence. Every website needs quality traffic that leads to desired actions and sales. Whether through PPC campaigns and/or SEO support, we help companies receive streams of traffic on their websites and offer expert advice to help them realise their full potential on the internet.


Unlike most PPC agencies, we do not simply forge ahead and start setting up and running campaigns without a proper understanding of our client. As part of our PPC (pay per click) campaign management services, we send our PPC consultants to clients’ offices to spend a few days with the management and staff, take them through an initial brief, review any previous data and discuss the business and industry in order to truly understand the business’ needs and objectives. Our consultants can even attend sales meetings to help find better online solutions that more effectively support the sales team. Only then can we set up and run the most effective PPC campaigns and deliver optimum PPC management.


In addition, we ensure that your PPC campaigns are well-targeted and affordable by ensuring the use of suitable keywords and/or key phrases, time intervals and locations as well as taking budgetary considerations into account when preparing campaigns. Unlike most PPC companies that simply run campaigns and request a higher budget rather than better conversions, our team of PPC analysts examine the website in question then send tips to the client on how to fully optimise their website. This ensures our clients have optimised websites that are search engine-friendly. This does not only benefit our clients in terms of SEO and organic ranking, but they pay significantly less for their PPC campaigns. On top of this, our analysts keep a close eye on the campaigns and how they progress.


Our PPC consultants are experts in their knowledge of online marketing. They are passionate about what they do and always want to meet and exceed the goals of our clients. However, they also work to meet the standards that have been built into this PPC agency through years of success. As a PPC agency London, we take great pride in offering our clients PPC campaign management services, along with complimentary SEO support and website optimisation packages.


We work with various companies around the globe, but we especially like helping local businesses that require online web promotions to realise their potential online. PPC Practice is a transparent organisation that is forthright with its PPC services. The first step with any PPC campaign is consultation – understanding the client and their business goals. The ability to meet with our clients in person allows us to have gain a better understanding of their goals and objectives, as well as providing them with a more thorough understanding of our services. Finally, we also provide our clients with monthly reports and inform them of gradual improvements.


We encourage you to contact us so you can find out more about what we offer and what makes us stand out as a PPC company, as well as how we can help you find immediate and long-term success.