White-Label Projects


We offer our PPC (pay per click) campaign management service to digital agencies and web design companies under a white-label agreement, without being identified or getting any credit for providing our services.


If you are a web design company, have a good business relationship with your clients and your clients trust you, maybe you can offer them a PPC package for immediate results and help them bring fast traffic to their websites. Furthermore, you can offer them a SEO support package for a kick-start on search engines.


If you are a successful PPC agency, your business has grown faster than you ever expected, you are overloaded by a large number of clients and you do not yet have the resources to cater for this client volume, we can help you with some of the PPC accounts to alleviate some pressure until you are ready to resume management of all your clients' accounts.


If you are a company with an in-house PPC team, and want to supervise or assess their performance, we can monitor the performance of your PPC campaigns and the work your team is doing. We will do this by analysing the account's history and providing you with a report on the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and the performance of your search engine marketing team.


If you are a digital agency with a superb sales team that have brought in many clients and you are considering capitalising more on your sales abilities than your technical skills and service providing, we can certainly help you with the technical side while you are bringing in more clients and accounts.


If you are a SEO agency and your clients are enquiring about PPC services and you do not want to risk losing them to agencies that offer both SEO and PPC services, we can provide your clients with a splendid service on your behalf, while you still get all the credit for the work.


If you are dealing with multiple complicated accounts, you have noticed that the conversions are not improving and there seems to be nothing else you can do, we would be happy to have a look at your account’s performance, share our experience with you and try to optimise your PPC campaigns and accounts.


Another unique service we provide is PPC training under other companies' names. We will come to your venue and train your staff or clients to be PPC users at different levels, under your name and brand.