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In the midst of today’s media obsession, where smartphones are used to document every important (and unimportant) event in a person’s life and the mindset that it did not happen unless you publish it on some sort of social network dominates, any business that is not making use of social media is, quite simply, crazy. It does not matter whether you are a medical practice, an online fashion retailer or a dog-washing service, every business can benefit from the immense influence social media holds over most of the population.


Many businesses underestimate the power of social media and therefore, miss out on a significant number of opportunities to not only increase profit, but increase goodwill toward their organisation. If you are not convinced you should be using social media to market your business, take a look at the statistics below and see if you change your mind.


  • The Google +1 button is used five million times a day.
  • Facebook has over 30 million users in the United Kingdom alone.
  • 87% of Fortune 100 companies make use of social media.
  • 75% of the Fortune 100 have a Facebook page.
  • 25% of Facebook users log in five times or more every day.
  • Corporate YouTube channels average two million views.


While the fact that such a high percentage of the Fortune 100 companies are using social media should be enough to convince most business owners and operators they need to be running a social media campaign for their business, you certainly do not have to be an enormous corporation to take advantage. Many businesses shy away from the idea of a social media campaign simply because they are unsure how to even begin – that’s where we come in. Though PPC Practice started as a PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimisation) business, due to client demand we have expanded to become a complete digital marketing agency.


Our services now include:


  • Web design
  • PPC campaigns
  • Optimising websites for organic search (SEO)
  • Content writing
  • Social media


You can learn about any of our services by visiting the relevant section on our site. If you are interested in our social media services, you have come to the right place – simply scroll down to learn more.


We offer two main components in terms of our social media services:

  • Content creation specifically designed for a range of social media networks.
  • Targeted Facebook PPC advertising.


Social Media Content Creation


Marketing on social media is certainly unique. Unlike other marketing techniques such as print advertising or commercials, it is interactive and gives your audience the chance to respond. As well as this, the anonymity that hiding behind their computer screen or smartphone gives the user is a powerful tool in enabling them to feel more confident in offering praise as well as criticism. This may sound frightening, but feedback from your audience is one of the most useful tools social media offers – think how you could improve your business if your customers were free to offer feedback whenever they chose.


The final opportunity social media provides for an audience is the ability to be picky; social media users are brutal in the selection of content they choose to look at. If anything, on a social media platform you have even less time to impress your audience than you would with any other form of advertising. If a user decides to ‘like’ your Facebook page and you post something they find irrelevant to themselves, there is a very good chance they will decide your page is not for them and you will lose them as a follower. For this reason, it is vital to provide social media users with content that offers them something; focusing solely on your products and relentlessly promoting your services will get you nowhere. Social media users respond to funny, touching, interesting or relevant content and will not choose to waste their time on something that is none of these things.


This area is where a social media agency such as ours comes to the fore. We are able to provide your business with content that will reflect the angle you wish to pursue on your chosen social media platform(s), while offering something of interest to your audience. With experience on all major social media networks, our team are experts at providing advice on which sites would be best for your business to help you not only reach your desired audience, but also achieve your business goals.


Facebook PPC Campagins


PPC (pay per click) campaigns are a powerful internet advertising model used to promote websites in Google, and other major search engines, search results. being a PPC agency London at PPC Practice, we have years of experience with these kinds of campaigns – they are still our favourite area of expertise. PPC advertisements are the links you see at the top and right side of the page when you search a keyword on Google. Companies bid for the right to use their chosen keywords and pay a certain amount every time someone clicks one of their PPC links.


Facebook PPC campaigns work in a similar way to Google PPC campaigns, with just some slight differences – Facebook PPC ads target users based on different factors. Google and other search engines target users based on what they are searching for at that moment, while Facebook places your PPC ads by analysing what users like according to their past preferences and activity. For example, if a user has visited a certain online shopping site, Facebook can detect this and will place that company’s ads (if the company has a Facebook PPC campaign up and running) somewhere on the user’s Facebook next time they log in.


If you are interested in this form of targeted advertising on what is easily the world’s most popular website, PPC Practice can help set up your campaign, monitor the results and keep it running effectively.


About PPC Practice


As a PPC agency we meet all of our clients in person before beginning the PPC process, so you can be secure in the fact that we know you, your business and exactly what you want to achieve from your Facebook PPC campaign. As a social media agency in London, we are especially familiar with the needs and wants of your British target audience. Should your business want to reach international audiences, we have experience with companies overseas also, so we are able to tailor your campaign to service your needs. Whether you need help running your first social media campaign, know what you want but need assistance getting the content right or want to try your hand at a Facebook PPC campaign, PPC Practice is the London social media agency for you.