Our SEO Process


One of the most important factors to ensuring the success of any business today is to be visible online, a key aspect of which is a quality website – that is where we come in. PPC Practice offer specialist SEO services London, as well as a complete range of online marketing services. Since starting out as a company of SEO consultants, we have grown to offer a full online marketing service, from web design and content to SEO and PPC. However, SEO services remain one of our key areas of interest and expertise.


Our SEO service is one of the most comprehensive in London, not only due to the numerous online marketing services we offer, but due to the years of experience our SEO consultants have accumulated that allow them to fully understand how the world of SEO works and how it can be compatible with any business. We begin by assigning a SEO consultant to your project, whose first step will be to organise a meeting with you at your business. The purpose of this meeting is to enable them to get an idea of who you are, how you run your business and how you want it portrayed. Understanding the character of your business is key to helping your SEO consultant and the rest of the team provide the right service for you.


Once we understand your business, we can begin the optimisation process on your current website, or start building you a new website from scratch. Our team of web designers, content writers and SEO consultants will work hand-in-hand to provide your business with the very best SEO service possible. It is vital that all of these departments work together closely as there are so many different aspects to SEO, including ensuring your website is content-rich and user-friendly.


Content is one of the most important aspects of a fully-optimised website. As one of the top SEO services London, we employ a team of copywriters whose focus is on providing quality, original content that speaks to your target market while utilising the correct keywords, as directed by your appointed SEO consultant. If you choose for us to provide the content of your website, the writer assigned to your business’ project will also attend the initial meeting to ensure they are able to fully encapsulate your business’ goals and character. We highly recommend that you make use of our content writers if you decide to commission our SEO services  while you may think it easy to write optimised content yourself, our writers are specifically trained for that purpose and therefore possess a complete understanding of how SEO works in relation to content, not to mention they are experts at relaying your business’ message in a way that speaks to the desired audience.


Whilst fresh, rich content is important when it comes to pleasing search engines and increasing your rankings in search results, there are also many technical aspects to SEO that require the expertise of a SEO agency to implement correctly. This alone is reason enough to retain our SEO services, not to mention the fact that we are one of the top SEO services London. Our expertise and range of services put us at the fore of the industry, but what really sets PPC Practice apart is our unparalleled customer service  you will be given the mobile phone number of your SEO consultant, who will be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No other SEO services London offer such support. We are also a PPC agency in London offering a wide range of PPC services to our clients. 


If you are not yet convinced that we are the right SEO service and PPC agency London for you, feel free to browse our site to learn more about why we are, or call to speak to one of our specialist SEO consultants. We look forward to doing business with you.