We know you will love our PPC services, but in case you are not yet convinced, we offer the first month of our PPC services free of charge. During this time you will likely see business increase dramatically and witness first-hand just what a PPC campaign can do for you and your business.


PPC Campaign Management


If you are already running PPC (pay per click) campaigns but want to achieve better results and increase your ROI (return on investment), we can analyse, amend and optimise your PPC campaigns. Our PPC service and campaign management package will run more cost effective campaigns at a lower CPC (cost per click) thereby lowering your advertising costs and maximising your ROI.


If you are a new business or are new to PPC advertising, we can set up and start running your PPC campaigns for you, but we can also optimise your existing ones.


Google Certified PPC Agency


PPC Practice is a Google certified PPC agency in London, helping businesses grow by gaining more online presence. Every website needs quality traffic that leads to desired actions, sales or registrations. We help companies receive streams of traffic on their websites by running their PPC (pay per click) campaigns.


The PPC Advertising Model and Why You Need a PPC Agency


The PPC advertising model is one of the most popular, focused and cost-effective approaches to ensuring targeted traffic. The most beneficial aspect of this approach is that you have the option to decide where, when and how you want certain ads to appear. Unlike other methods of internet advertising today, there is no need to spend large amounts of money to return no results.


While this approach can be a viable form of online advertising that brings in more business and returns, it can only work if your PPC service provider understands your business and target audience. A reliable, certified PPC agency such as ours knows how to better optimise your websites while targeting keywords and demographics relevant to your location, which, in return, will generate more traffic to your websites.



How Our PPC Service Works


Website Optimisation


The first and most crucial step towards having successful PPC campaigns, higher quality score ads, higher CTR (click through rate), lower CPC (cost per click) and more impressions at higher positions on Google’s first results page is to have a fully-optimised website. Therefore, our first step is to run an analysis on your website. Following this analysis, we will give you a report with advice on how to optimise your website based on the relevant key-words and search phrases according to major search engines’ guidelines.


Keyword Research and Analysis


We use various software tools to find all the keywords relevant to your website and industry, then give you a list of all these keywords prioritised according to importance and relevance. We also give you an estimation of traffic and cost for each keyword, so you can decide which combination of those keywords you want to use to promote your website.


Establishing Goals and Objectives


We may have a chat with you to get a clear picture of your goals for your PPC campaigns. Do you want more online presence and publicity? Do you want more people to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want to sell a product or service directly? Do you want to advertise locally, nationally or internationally? Once we know exactly what you want and the goals you want to achieve, we start planning PPC campaigns for your website.  


Creating New Campaigns or Management of Existing Accounts


If you are new to PPC advertising, as your PPC agency London we will create an account for you and start running effective PPC campaigns for your products or services. If you already have an account and have been using PPC advertising for a while, we will analyse your campaigns, historical data and conversion rate then optimise your campaigns to increase your ROI.


For all of our PPC clients, whether you are new to PPC or not, we run split tests and find the most effective ad formats, in turn increasing the quality score and the CTR (click through rate) to reduce your CPC (cost per click). We will continue running and analysing split tests for approximately four weeks to find out what works best for your website and your product.  


Quality Score Increase and Conversion Optimisation


By writing more relevant and compelling text for your ads, choosing the right landing page and maximising the CTR, we can increase your advertisements’ quality score. Improving your ads’ quality score through the optimisation of your PPC campaigns also helps us to maximise your ROI. Finally, we can help your ads rank higher on Google’s first results page at a lower CPC, meaning you will receive more clicks and traffic to your website at a lower cost, leading to increased profit.


A higher quality score may positively affect your campaign by:


  • Lowering the CPC (cost pay click)
  • Improving the ad’s rank 
  • Making the ads eligible to be on the first page when someone searches for your keywords
  • Lowering the estimated first page bid
  • Managing placements.


Management of Targeted Placements


We place your ads by targeting the best websites where you can get the most effective traffic, then analyse the traffic coming from all placements to see which websites are giving you quality traffic with higher conversion rates. We continuously monitor and analyse your campaigns and placements to optimise the ads by improving the quality score. We also create and run rich media campaigns to place across the display network to further increase traffic to your website. Along with rich media ads, we create video ads, banner ads and flash ads to place on affiliate websites. 


Conversion Tracking and Optimisation Report


We will provide conversion tracker codes to insert into your website so we can track and analyse the effectiveness of the split tests and the traffic landing on your website. We also provide a detailed report of your PPC campaigns, allowing you to see for yourself where your budget is being spent, how your investment is converting into profit, how your campaign quality score is increasing and CPC (cost per click) is decreasing and how your ads reach higher ranks at lower CPC rates on Google’s first page. 


We will keep you fully informed as to how your investment is spent and how your ROI is progressing, allowing you to decide, based on your ads’ performance, how much of your budget to continue to allocate to your PPC campaigns.


Multilingual PPC Services


We can set up and run multilingual PPC campaigns to help you reach multiple countries, worldwide.


Our new office in Cambridge


We have now opened an office in Cambridge to offer our digital marketing and PPC campaigns management services to local businesses in Cambridgeshire. As PPC agency Cambridge we intend to provide our clients with pay per click management services, search engine optimisation, web design and development and other search engine marketing expertise.