We know you will love our PPC services, but in case you are not yet convinced, we offer the first month of our PPC services free of charge. During this time you will likely see business increase dramatically and witness first-hand just what a PPC campaign can do for you and your business.


PPC Campaign Management Services


The PPC advertising model is arguably the most effective approach to ensuring targeted, highly relevant traffic to a website. The unique aspect of this approach is that you have the option to decide when, where and most importantly how you want certain ads to appear. Unlike any other methods of internet marketing, there is no need to risk spending large amounts of money and hope for return in long run.



While this approach can be a viable form of digital marketing that brings in more business and significant returns, it can only work if your PPC agency understands your business and target audience. A reliable, certified PPC agency such as ours knows how to fully optimise your websites while targeting relevant keywords and demographics relevant to your location, which, in return, will generate much more quality traffic to your website.



Some of the services that a quality PPC agency may perform include:


In-depth website optimisation.

Keyword tracking and analysis.

Campaign monitoring – of both your business and all your competitors in the market.

Regular campaign optimisation.


All of these PPC campaign management services are important however, it is website optimisation that is of particular importance.


Complimentary Website Optimisation Service


We offer all our new clients a complimentary website optimisation service to save their PPC budget by decreasing their PPC campaigns’ CPC (cost per click). The importance of a fully-optimised website is often either underestimated or ignored by most PPC agencies and consultants, resulting in business owners spending more money than necessary to achieve almost the same return on investment.


24/7 Support


To ensure each clients’ requirements are catered to, a dedicated consultant is assigned to each case and their mobile number provided to the client to contact at any time necessary, seven days a week. The online world never sleeps, so we view this level of support as necessary to ensure our clients’ peace of mind. Our 24/7 support means that should your website go down or you have any unexpected issues, your consultant can immediately offer assistance to rectify these concerns as quickly as possible.



Our Story


Since starting in 2008 as a pay per click (PPC) consultancy, PPC Practice has steadily grown to become one of the most successful, sought-after digital marketing agencies in London. Having rapidly grown to be a well-established PPC agency in London we have opened a regional office in Cambridge to offer our services to local businesses in the region.


As a PPC agency Cambridge, we continue to grow and evolve as market demand increases and the industry undergoes constant change. We are at the fore of the digital advertising arena and will continue to be thanks to our extensive experience with and absolute dedication to this industry.