Unrivalled Customer Support


PPC Practice offers an all-inclusive service package, which we tailor to suit the individual needs and requirements of each client. We take great pride in customer satisfaction, and continually review and enhance our performance in order to surpass our clients' expectations. Our 24/7 customer support is unprecedented and unrivalled.


At PPC Practice, we stand for one thing: commitment. Therefore, we will not work with the competitors of any clients we sign a long-term contract with – we would rather work with our clients exclusively in their quest to accomplish their business goals.


To ensure each clients’ requirements are catered to, a dedicated consultant is assigned to each case and their mobile number provided to the client to contact at any time necessary, seven days a week. The online world never sleeps, so we view this level of support as necessary to ensure our clients’ peace of mind. Our 24/7 support means that should your website go down or you have any unexpected issues, your consultant can immediately offer assistance to rectify these concerns as quickly as possible.


We understand the needs of a business can frequently change therefore, with 24-hour notice, a client can request a meeting at their various business locations should they, for example, want to launch a new product line, end a product line or even change their budget. Our consultants will explore the most effective service package to suit the client’s unique requirements.


Using our PPC campaign management information systems, our consultants will present a SLA (service level agreement) that suits the client’s needs in terms of PPC services. Not only that, we ensure any email we receive is responded to within 24 hours. If an email is termed urgent, such an email will get a response within two hours of receipt.


Another quality that puts us at the fore of this industry is our PPC reports system; not many PPC agencies keep their clients informed as efficiently and transparently as we do. Our dedicated PPC consultants build a close relationship with our clients and ensure the communication avenue is always open. We keep our clients involved with our various PPC activities by producing monthly reports to keep them informed of progress and how their online campaigns have improved. We also compare the data from each month with the previous and penultimate months to monitor improvement.


As a PPC agency at PPC Practice, we understand figures can be difficult to interpret, so we are always happy to meet with our clients and explain the progress of their campaigns in person. We also analyse the competition in order to compare the market status of our clients with their various competitors.


Along with the monthly reports we produce to keep our clients informed, we compile quarterly reports  another area we differ from inexperienced PPC agencies. These comprehensive reports offer in-depth information on the progress of all of a particular client’s PPC campaigns, plus competition analysis to give a deeper and better insight into that client’s business and growth.


Considering the dynamic nature of online marketing, any online marketing campaign needs to be closely monitored and modified to maintain optimisation, and this is where the quality of a PPC agency and their PPC services will be evident. For instance, when a competitor dedicates a moderate budget to running PPC ads on Google, it affects the CPA (cost per acquisition) for everyone else in that market currently running PPC campaigns. If Google penalises a website, leading to a severe rank loss, we are there with our unrivalled PPC support to fix the problem and send Google an appeal petition. This will help such a website regain its potential and start competing at the highest level.


One factor remains central to all of our PPC campaign management: the desire to deliver tailored services to our individual clients at the highest standard possible in terms of AdWords, PPC services, PPC reports, competition analysis, SEO support and other online campaigns regardless of the scale of their needs and requirements. The quality and integrity of our services in every form are a testament to our commitment to achieving the best results possible for all our clients.


We are confident that our PPC services are one of the best in the industry and we are dedicated to unrivalled customer support. Combine our campaign management with our expertise and you get a comprehensive, reliable solution provided by a PPC agency London you will be happy to recommend.