Our Story


Since starting in 2008 as a pay per click (PPC) consultancy, PPC Practice has steadily grown to become one of the most successful, sought-after digital marketing agencies in London. In the beginning, we worked with clients who wanted to see their websites return higher search results on Google and other major search engines. Over time, we realised that the most effective way to save our clients money on their internet advertising campaigns was to optimise their websites to help improve their organic search results; from PPC campaigns, our focus gradually expanded to include search engine optimisation (SEO) services. Our SEO services initially involved PPC Practice simply offering SEO tips, but it was not long before this part of our service was to be developed further. 


The next step in our growth occurred when several of our clients became unhappy with their web designers and developers. As a result of their demand, PPC Practice began providing a web design and development service to go along with our SEO tips and PPC campaign management. Meanwhile, our SEO services continued to expand as we began to offer more in-depth SEO support, including helping to ensure our clients’ websites were SEO-friendly, monitoring and analysing the results of their updates, and compiling reports. Before we knew it, PPC Practice had quickly grown to become not only an agency of PPC consultants, but also of SEO and web design specialists.


By November 2012, we began to offer an even wider range of online marketing-related services in response to industry growth. We now offer a full digital marketing solution, including:


  • Web design
  • SEO
  • PPC campaigns
  • Content writing
  • Social media


Due to the recent addition of content writing and social media services, PPC Practice now offers one of the most comprehensive online marketing services in London. What begins with your business approaching us with an idea evolves into a website with SEO-friendly content that utilises PPC campaigns to ensure it is seen. On top of that we are able to manage social media campaigns for you to help market your business further and enable an even stronger online presence.


Loyalty to our clients is our number one priority; we make it a policy not to work with any competitors of our long-term clients; we prefer to protect our relationship with one client and see the idea they came to us with flourish and grow as a result.


If loyalty is the most important aspect of our service, ensuring you receive personalised service and feel comfortable working with us is second. When you start working with PPC Practice, we personally come to your business to meet you, learn what you and your business are about and determine the goals of your business, particularly with regard to what you wish to accomplish by undertaking a digital marketing campaign. From there we begin working on your campaign and endeavour to provide the best service of any PPC, SEO, web design or content marketing agency in London.


As a PPC agency London, PPC Practice continues to grow and evolve as market demand increases and the industry undergoes constant change. We are at the fore of the digital marketing arena and will continue to be thanks to our extensive experience with and dedication to this industry. Our PPC agency has every intention of continuing to go from strength to strength; we hope you will join us and let us help your business do the same.