Conversion Optimisation


As a PPC agency in London, we optimise our clients’ PPC (pay per click) campaigns by improving their campaigns’ quality score so the ROI (return on investment) increases and more of their marketing budget converts into profit. The higher the quality score, the lower the CPC (cost per click) will be and the higher the ads’ rank will be. Even though Google continually refines the quality score metrics and formula, the core principles remain more or less the same.


In order to improve your ads’ quality score we may look into the following elements:


1. CTR (click through rate)  


CTR = number of ad clicks/number of impressions x 100.    


CTR is all about the factor of relevance. The more relevant the ads are, the more often visitors will be clicking on them. We write the most relevant text possible for your ads by selecting keywords, keeping the psychology of online search in mind, that convince more visitors to click on your website, resulting in a higher CTR. 


2. The account history


The performance history of the PPC account, the CTR of all ads and keywords and the quality of the landing pages all play a part in determining the quality score. It is therefore imperative that we create and run fully-optimised PPC campaigns from the beginning.


3. The relevance of keywords to your ads


It is crucial that your keywords are relevant to your ads. You also need to edit keywords, edit bids and reorganise the ad groups to ensure your keywords remain relevant.


4. The relevance of the ads and the keywords to the search query


The more closely matched the keywords and ads are to the search query, the better chance of CTR improving.


5. The quality of the website and landing pages


We place great emphasis on the optimisation of your website’s landing pages. We also offer advice to our clients on how to fully optimise their websites, add relevant, quality content and set meta tags.  


6. The ads’ performance in the location they are displayed


It is possible that certain campaigns or ad groups in one account perform better in some locations than in others. Therefore, as a part of our PPC campaign optimisation, we reorganise campaigns, edit language, change scheduled delivery times and modify location targeting to improve the campaign’s performance in a wider geographical area.


7.  Other factors not disclosed by Google


There are other factors of relevance Google does not disclose. 


A few notes:

  • If your ads are not performing well, the CTR is low or you are not getting many clicks, do not simply increase the CPC (cost per click) as you might end up spending a lot of money without attracting quality traffic.
  • The quality score for Google search is completely separate from the quality score for the search network. If your ads are doing well on the Google search page, it does not mean they are also doing well on the display network or that they are benefitting from the text ads’ performance on Google’s search pages.
  • Always being ranked 1-3 does not guarantee a high conversion rate. Make sure your ads rotate around the first page and even the second page  not everyone looks at the top of the search query results page.
  • Make sure the ads and keywords you use for different campaigns are not competing against each other as a result of keyword duplication.