Content Writing


One of the most important aspects of a quality website is the user experience – a website must be visually appealing, easy to use and engaging enough to compel users to stop and spend time on the site. Well-written, fresh content is one of the most important aspects of the user experience. Quality web page writing is key in creating and maintaining a positive image of your business, as well as in keeping a user on your site long enough to do your product or service justice.


Ensuring users stay on your site for a certain period of time is vital and should be one of your main goals when creating your website. The longer a user spends on your website, the more they are learning about why your product or service is the best in the market, as well as the features and benefits you offer compared with your competitors – the more they read, the more interested in your product or service they will become. Keeping a user on your site is not only beneficial in terms of assisting directly with the sale of your product or service, it is also an advantage when it comes to your ranking with regard to search results. If a user finds your content engaging and takes the time to stop and read it, they are not doing so alone: Google is watching and taking note of how long users spend on your site. If your site is attracting traffic that spends time on your website, Google will decide your site is high-quality and push it up the rankings. 


One mistake many companies make is deciding that less is more when it comes to their web content. This can be the case in terms of visual appeal, but what many businesses fail to understand is that Google likes a substantial amount of content; in fact, anything less than 500 words on a page does not impress the search algorithm. Such a page will be judged low-quality and the ranks of that page or site will suffer dramatically. You may think the average user does not want to spend a long time reading your content, which is partly true; only about 16% of users actually read content word-for-word and that is only when they have found something of great interest to them. That is why it is important to have engaging content that will help your site turn that percentage around and encourage more of your visitors to stop and read.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is another factor to take into consideration when it comes to content writing. SEO is the art of optimising a site so the right amount of keywords are present; enough so that when a user searches your keywords your site ranks well in their results, but few enough so your site is not penalised for over-optimisation. Writing proper SEO-friendly content is a balancing act, which is where we come in; our writers are experts in creating SEO-friendly content that will help your business get noticed without the penalties.


Many businesses think they can write their own SEO-friendly content; they invest time and resources attempting to do so only to be baffled by the lack of results. At PPC Practice, we have years of experience with SEO and know exactly how to get the results you want without compromising your brand message. Our writers are skilled at producing engaging, creative writing that encapsulates your brand whilst being SEO-friendly. Our content writing team work side-by-side with our specialist SEO consultants to ensure the web page writing they produce returns the best possible results for your website.


Our copywriters have experience writing about anything and everything, so they are able to easily put themselves in your shoes and write from the perspective of your business, in whatever style, voice or tone you wish them to. We understand that every business is different – some prefer a more corporate style while others choose to show their cheeky side. Whichever image your business strives for, we are able to help maintain that by providing content consistent with your company’s style.


SEO is an extremely important aspect of content writing however, it is vital not to sacrifice quality in favour of SEO. This is one area the expertise of our team comes to the fore  our qualified team of content writers are able to produce top-quality, creative writing for your business that will not only assist in selling your product or service and getting your brand message across, but will uphold the ever-important SEO principles.


The last consideration when it comes to your website’s content are the elementary basics of quality writing. Many businesses underestimate the power of quality copywriting, which is a serious misjudgment. One aspect of quality web page content, or indeed any kind of copywriting, that is crucial is immaculate spelling and grammar. Any inaccuracies in this area can seriously discredit your brand  many potential customers who come across such errors will immediately form a negative impression of your business, even if only on a subconscious level. One area a writing professional differs greatly from inexperts in the area is their sharp eye for detail; our content writers continuously strive for perfection, a quality that will ensure the integrity of your brand is upheld.