Bing & Yahoo


PPC advertisers usually spend most of their budget and time on the Google network, ignoring other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Though Google holds about 70% of the online search market, Bing and Yahoo should certainly not to be ignored. Older search engine users (Yahoo and MSN users being in the 25-54 age range, compared to Google users being on average 13-34 years of age) still use Yahoo and MSN on a daily basis.


If you have been hit by the 'Google slap' in the past, you know how unpredictable Google is when it comes to changing its search algorithms and quality score guidelines. Therefore, it is wise to have ads up and running on other search engines and other online marketing channels as well.


According to comScore, the partnership between Bing and Yahoo holds approximately 30% of the online search market in the US; Bing currently operates its PPC ads on Yahoo’s search results page. As published in Forbes, Bing’s search market share in January 2012 was 15.2%.


Bing offers the option to import Google PPC campaigns directly into Bing via the ad centre. This brilliant functionality saves you from having to create the same ads and campaigns all over again. Bing also offers greater ad design and text flexibility. Bing and Yahoo have a 40-character limit on their PPC ads compared to the 25 characters offered by Google. Imagine how you could use the extra 15 characters to better define your product or service and convince users to click on your ads and visit your website.


As a Bing advertising user, you can target MSN properties to reach specific markets. For example, MSN’s celebrity gossip portal reaches very rich women in their late 30s and 40s.


Preliminary eye tracking research (conducted by User Centric, Inc.) indicates sponsored links on the right side of the search results page attract more attention on Bing (42% of participants per search) than they do on Google (25% of participants per search).


We advise all our clients to consider allocating a small percentage of their marketing budget to the Bing and Yahoo search networks.